Ori Gersht. Love Me- Love Me Not Series, 2013

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I have something to say to the people of Meereen. 


feel again, an outlaw queen fanmix

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every breath you take




i’ll be watching you

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I did indulge myself in a lot of history reading, to inform myself as to who the real woman was. As far as other actresses’ portrayals, though, I tried to stay clear. It muddles your process, I find.

make me choose: joffersbaratheon asked Joffrey Baratheon or Ramsay Snow


there are some fan theories that u read and are like holy shit that is spot on and then there are others that u read and are like “do u even watch the show”

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Multifandom graphic battle
ohcavill vs. ichabodycranes
 full body shots | Game of Thrones


It’s about how it started and ended with Snow. A lot of shit happened, their history became horrific, lots of misplaced blame and hate, but Regina chose Snow over her mother. Over the abusive mother she never could and never dared to truly stand up to without being pulled back in. Until now.

I feel like for her own closure, it was important for Regina to have the chance to say No, mother, I won’t let you win.

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I will be remembered! 
- Yeah for being fat and lazy!


Today I just walked and made photographs. No projects or ‘None Places’. Just photographing for my own pleasure. I confess to having forgotten how pleasing it can be.